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3/29/18  Maggie has come a long way since I got her.  She is around 4 years old now.  She may be a bohemian shepherd.  She is funny, goofy, intuitive and smart.  She acts like she wants to be social but I get the impression she was never socialized.  She is very treat motivated.  She started working with a new trainer last year.  He worked on learning place.  He makes her work and it was the first big smile I got from her.  I started working on search and bought an agility course.  She loves to use her mind.  It may take her a few tries but she will get it.  She is gaining confidence and loves to play with toys now. 

Is there anyone out there who believes she would be the perfect addition to their family?  She is in the Richmond area.

5/16/16   Maggie looks like a German Shepherd and Border Collie mix - two smart breeds! She weighs about 55 pounds. She was heartworm negative on her last blood test. She is around 3 years old and still has a puppy attitude. She is medium energy with a strong will. Her favorite toy is a toy with rope in it and she likes to play with it by herself. I throw it occasionally, but she doesn't want me to keep throwing it. She is not a velcro dog, but does want to know where you are at all times. She loves the outside and helps me with yard work. She will need to be put in her crate for mowing, weed wacking, etc. She does not like the vet, but she is getting better. She enjoys walks, but can get over stimulated. She loves car rides. She has some allergies but antihistamines work for her. She is smart and knows many commands. She has a high prey drive, so no small dogs, cats, or little children. When children are around, they should be respectful of her.

Maggie is still a bit fearful, but has come a long way and is looking for her forever home. She needs a fenced yard and a strong, confident leader who has experience with German Shepherds and who will continue her training.  It would be a bonus if her new person knew or learned about Border Collies as well. If her new family has another dog, it needs to be a self confident and even-tempered dog. She is a sweet, funny, and goofy pup who has a lot of love to give.

For more information email .

11/18/15  My name is Maggie. I was in a backyard on a chain when a nice couple saw me. They asked the lady who owned me about me. She said it was her mother’s dog, but her mom had died so they asked if I could live with them. I had a wonderful home with them but the woman had childcare in her home and I would snap at the children. I really did not mean it but they scared me. Pretty much everything scares me.

I believe Maggie has been chained most of her life. She has not been socialized with humans or other animals. There were two dogs in her last home. The younger one played with her but the older one she would not leave alone. She has a desire to please and loves hugs. I am still getting to know her, so I will give an update later. She is heartworm positive, so we will be re-evaluating that in January. 

If you are interested or want to ask questions you can email me at .

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