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Bane 6755

Are you looking for a new BFF? If so, Bane might be the dog for you. Bane is a typical Velcro shepherd. He bonds fast and loves his people to the moon and back. Bane came into VGSR very very skinny. He is getting 3 meals a day but still needs to gain weight. He wasn’t trained at all but is picking up quickly. He is now mostly housebroken and is a pretty quick learner for anyone willing to invest time and energy. Bane is easily tempted to counter surf but won’t do it if you are around and watching. He is pretty good in a crate and definitely needs to be crated when left alone (at least for now). He does great with other dogs.  After he gets to know another dog he tries to play but takes correction well if the other dog doesn’t want to play.  Bane has moderate energy. He is not high energy but he does need a productive outlet for what energy he does have. He walks very well on a leash and doesn’t pull. Bane loves his people SO much and he can get excited easily when he has been separated, even if it’s only for ~10 minutes. Due to his size and excitement at times, he is not a fit for little kids. Bane has not been tested with cats but he might do okay. Lastly, Bane is heartworm positive and has just started the moxi-doxy protocol for treatment. If you are an approved adopter, would be willing to commit to training and continuing his heartworm treatments, you can contact Bane’s foster mom at 

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