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Alf 6362

Update 4.3

Alf is such a great boy, he is feeling so much better.  His skin is 100% healed, he has been neutered, and has a dental scheduled next week to take care of some issues.  So he is ready to find that wonderful forever home where he will be loved and cherished.  Alf loves to play with his foster dog siblings its his favorite thing to do when he is not destuffing toys hahaha.  I have to say he loves a stuffed animal dog toy and he does not immediately shred it, but eventually you will start to see pillowy clouds of white stuffing strewn around his bed.  Alf walks well on lead, but will need to learn some basics.  He knows normal sit, down, paw, but has a hard time waiting when food is involved. He gets so excited he has a hard time containing his joy of eating.   I am sure it stems from being out on his own searching for food anywhere he could.  This boy has a love for life and I as his foster mom can not say enough good things about him.  To know Alf is to love him, so if you would like to know more please email me if you are an approved adopter please email Pam at


Well hello Earthlings!! My name is Alf! I know I know everyone remembers Alf the alien tv show and maybe I have a little bit of a alien vibe going on  with missing hair, scaly elbows, funky oily skin and I possibly have an aroma that might remind someone of a boys locker room or a Large bag of Frito scoops but I promise I am the bestest boy you will ever meet.  You know those smiles that light up a room? My foster mom says that is me. I am so happy to have a warm home with fluffy blankets and a bed.  Yummy food and treats to fill my empty belly.  It was not easy running the streets, cold cold nights had me shivering and the more hair I lost the colder I was and I am not sure why but I just couldn’t shake that itch.  Let me tell you too it is not easy finding  food or even water, sometimes I had to dig in people’s trash, sorry. Im still very itchy but we went to see a doctor yesterday.  I was a good boy and got more treats.  She gave me lots of medicines to make me feel better.  My foster mom says I will start feeling better soon and then she stuck me in a tub.  Can you believe her??? I guess I will forgive her for that because she had this funny mat that stuck on the wall. She covered it with cheese, I LOVE CHEESE. Well I gotta go time to go learn more things foster mom say will help me find my forever home. Oh that is my biggest dream a family of my very own. Alf will be available for adoption after he is well.  Please check back for updates. If you are an approved adopter and would like to know more about Alf aka Alfie please email foster mom and dad Pam and Harvey at

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