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Meet Murphy, an 11-month-old black German Shepherd Dog (GSD) and possible Belgian Malinois mix with boundless energy and a playful spirit. This affectionate girl thrives on human companionship and is always eager to run and play. Murphy’s lively personality makes her a perfect match for active adopters who enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, swimming, running, and more.

Murphy has a high prey and food drive, and she would excel in a home with an experienced handler who can provide the strong rules, boundaries, and limitations she needs to thrive. She has the potential to be a fantastic working dog (though not suited for therapy or guide work) and would shine in advanced obedience competitions.

While Murphy is selective with other dogs, she would do well with an older, confident male who can match her energy and stand his ground. Due to her strong personality and high energy levels, she is not suitable for homes with weaker energy dogs or young children. She would also be well suited as an only dog.

In the right home, Murphy will reward you with unwavering loyalty and plenty of goofiness. If you believe you can offer Murphy the structured and active lifestyle she needs, approved adopters can reach out to gsd2020k9@gmail.com to learn more about this spirited pup.


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