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Max 6427

Meet Max 6427!  Max is a good boy who is a very energetic young dog and needs lots of exercise to get his energy out.  It seems as though Max had very little structure in his previous home and will require someone who is very familiar with German Shepherds.

He loves to play ball in the yard and chew on bones in the house.  He seems to know basic commands such as sit and stay, but as with any kid, actually following the commands is still a work in progress.

Max is currently living with other dogs and previously lived with a cat.  He basically ignored the cat.  Even though Max lives with other dogs currently, we think Max would do best as an only dog or with an older more submissive dog.  Max wants a lot of attention and will get a little growly at the other dogs if they want attention at the same time.  He sometimes wants to guard the various bones around the house and will growl at the other dogs even if they’re just walking by them. He just needs to learn what is okay and what is not.

Due to Max's energy and off and on guarding issues, we don't think Max would do well in a home with smaller children (or occasionally visiting smaller grandchildren).

Approved adopters can email Max's foster at:

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