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Lizzy 6248

She is a 3-year old jewel. Weighs only 55 lbs. but is super agile and full of energy—loves to jump and runs like a greyhound so a yard would be ideal BUT if not, walking her twice a day at least would do. Sometimes she is too energetic and may run you over while playing, so for small children it would not be advisable.  A 6 ft. fence is a must for her adoption.  She is intelligent, comes when she is called, loves to cuddle in sofa or floor with her humans while they watch tv or read and she loves to be hugged. She loves massages on her neck, back and legs (good therapy for owners too). She knows commands like sit, down, paw (left and right), show me, and loves belly rubs.  She is food driven so with treats you can teach her anything.  She will tell you when she needs to go potty either by coming to you and pulling your arm or by sitting by the door. She has been spayed, chipped and is, of course, up-to-date with all her shots, she will need to continue her HeartGard every 20th of the month and her NexGard (for ticks and fleas) every 4th of the month. 

When she is in a new environment, one will have to be patient and careful with noises (raising your voice, crushing plastic bottles, etc.) as she may get scared or jumpy until she feels more secure and bonds with her new family.  She is learning to walk on a leash without going crazy when she sees squirrels.  She will do fine with an adult(s) or teenagers not small children. She hardly barks except when she sees a stranger approach her home/driveway.  She likes other dogs and does need to be in contact with more humans. Lizzy loves her “toy-toys” (duck, squirrel and sheep).  She has no anxiety when left alone, she’ll just go and play with her toys. And… when you least expect it, she’ll steal your heart.

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