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Gracie 4863

Update: Gracie has grown leaps and bounds in the few weeks we have had her. True to her breed she is super intelligent, loyal, and loving. Her skin is looking wonderful, her hair is growing back(even that bald little tail is almost covered in new hair), she is up to 82lbs with keeping her girlish figure of course.  Gracie has made great progress with her foster 4 legged siblings. She was quite a cranky girl at first (with our dogs) but now plays with them and is one of the pack.  She would need time to adjust to other dogs in the family with slow introductions and correcting any behaviors. She immediately responds to a verbal correction. She absolutely loves to play ball, play frisbee, and she is a top notch snuggler.  She loves to curl up on a dog bed or next to you on the couch snuggle up and take a long cozy nap.  So if you are looking for that faithful, loving, regal GSD Gracie Lou is your girl.  Email Pam and Harvey at



Gracie has not had the best life, but that is about to change,  Gracie formally no name was in a small rural shelter in NC waiting for a miracle. Found as a stray, her skin in horrible condition, itchy, painfully thin, and her poor body just exhausted from trying to survive.  She is now in her foster home and already getting some relief. She has lots of yummy food in her belly, a warm cozy bed to sleep in, and already on medicine to help her skin along with medicated baths.  Soon she will be the beautiful girl on the outside to match her gorgeous soulful eyes.  

We are still learning her personality, she is loyal and follows you around like a true Velcro GSD does.  She walks well on lead, but will still pull some when she is determined to go back inside. She loves treats and is learning basic commands with her treat motivation.  She does amazing in the car, just curls up in the back or drapes her head over the back seat watching the traffic go by. Gracie is learning her 4 legged foster siblings are pretty ok, as she does not feel well slow introductions are best for her.  She is a great girl and will make a wonderful companion that will be by your side.  If  you are interested in giving Gracie the life she has alway deserved please email Pam & Harvey at


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