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Missy 6239

Meet Missy Ma’am!! She is one special little lady! Missy loves to anywhere you are at all hours of the day and has tons of energy to burn. She is very loving, incredibly sweet, and eager to please. Missy loves to play fetch, even though she hasn’t yet mastered the game, gives tons and tons of kisses, and loves to snuggle up next to her favorite people. Missy knows a handful of basic commands such as, sit, down and stay. Although she would benefit being enrolled into puppy school with her person to bond. She is still working on the whole potty training thing… We understand that outside in the place to pee, yet sometimes the fireplace is closer (it’s a work in progress). She loves to rough house with our younger female Shepherd, gives all the kisses to our 16 month old son, and enjoys barking at the cows in the field behind our home. Missy is a very special girl, and will fill any home with lots of love! If you are interested in meeting Missy or have more questions regarding her personality and/or temperament, feel free to email Lyssa (foster mom) at lyssa.westhoff@gmail.com

Missy Currently resides in Culpeper County, VA with her foster family.

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