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Cookie 6115

May 22 update: Cookie continues to be the perfect house dog.  She is extremely sweet and has adapted to my routine. She has fully recovered from her ear infection. However, I do think Cookie would be more suitable in a home with a strong leader, that has GSD experience. She is not food aggressive. She has been to a couple of adoption events, and she has done great! 


Cookie is a sweet and gentle lady with a very kind personality.  She is six years old, fully potty trained black German Shepherd.  Once she has decompressed, she will surprise you with how affectionate she can be.  Absolutely loves belly rubs and to give kisses. She welcomes you to the door every time you come home by melting in your feet while wagging her tail, and greets you like you have been away for months.

Enjoys a few rounds of fetching but is also a couch potato and a wonderful partner to watch a good movie or TV show. Her energy level is low, but would enjoy regular walks and a yard to walk around.

She is crate trained, but I have left her roam free in my house while at work, and she has not shown any destructive traits.  She does takes naps in the sofa or goes inside her crate.

Her leash manners need a bit of work, but once she is corrected, she does good… until “she forgets” and pulls again.  Her recall is good and knows how to sit. Loves car rides!!, she does extremely well in the car.

Previous owners claimed that she is good with other dogs, kids and cats, but I have not been able to test it myself. She is very sweet, that I suspect that she would do good with other animals if she is properly introduced to them. Kids age  10 years or older might be okay, but need to be supervised to ensure they are gentle with Ms. Cookie.

She is recovering from an ear infection, and I suspect that she may have been an outdoor dog, because her condition when she came to the VGSR was a bit rough.  This girl needs a family that will love her, be kind, gentle, patient, and provide a lot of TLC.  

If you have any questions about Ms. Sweet Cookie or would like to meet her, please contact me:; please make sure you are already an approved adopter.

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