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Kenya 4828

Updated 3/27/2022

Kenya has made amazing progress since being brought into the rescue.  Her coat is beautiful and grown in.  Her tail that once was bare has grown in as well.   She gets around much better and now wonders all over our 1.2 acres. She loved playing in the snow with the pack.  She enjoyed going for short walks and does very well on a leash.  She loves all humans that have come in contact with her.   She loves attention, brushing, grooming and food.   She does well at the Vets office or meeting strangers.   She would be perfect companion to a stay home owner that is winding down a bit in life.   Kenya is very content to lay by your feet while you work, read a book or whatever.   She does not like to be alone, but will not harm anything if she is left for a while.    

While Kenya does not hear well she does respond to some hand commands.  She quickly learned our packs routine and wants to be included.   She has stiffness is her back legs and they are somewhat weak.  She can get up and move around with no problem if the floor is not slippery.  While we have hardwood floors, we also have runners and accent rugs over them.
Kenya will climb a step or two but does not attempt to climb our steps to the bedroom.  
Kenya does well with our three GSDs but does command their respect.  She does not appear to like little dogs. 

She is one of the most affectionate dogs that I've been around.  Since we began fostering her she hears better, walks better, looks younger and is better looking.   Our goal is to  find a permanent home for her. A home where she will be loved and treated with gentle kindness her remaining years. 

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