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Heidi 3865

Heidi is a gorgeous GSD/Lab mix. She was found as a stray in North Carolina and several rescue partners and VGSR drove her up to Northern Virginia. Since she was a stray, her exact age is unknown, but the vet thinks she is between 10 and 13. The vet checked her out thoroughly and her bloodwork, urine and stool all look great. She has cataracts but the vet believes she can still see. 
Due to her age, she prefers to live her life slow. She has arthritis and is slow getting up on her own, and needs someone to carry her up/down stairs. Once she is up, though, she can keep going. She enjoys going outside with her warm jacket on, sniffing everything, and sometimes leads our pack. She even chases a ball.  At home, she is foster mama's work buddy and she occasionally comes up to her to solicit pets and head scratches. She gets along with dogs and children, and ignores cats. She may initially bark at animals, but with some time, she adapts well to the environment. 
Her sweet and affectionate personality made the transport volunteers and neighbors fall in love with her. Is there someone who can make her wish come true by offering her a warm bed, slow walks, and nice meals so that she can enjoy her golden years? 

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