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Dexter 3889

Dexter is a very active boy and loves to play. He can be a bit overbearing at times because of his high energy level however nothing a good long walk or a good trip to the dog park cant fix. Dexter is not a fan of the crate I have tried, however to my surprise for a dog who is not ever 2 years old yet he is responsible enough to be left out of the crate. I have found that this only seems to be ok first thing in the morning when he is still tired. Dexter is a 60lb dog who still thinks he is a 30 or 40lb puppy so I believe that he will be good with kids but I do recommend older kids Dexter still likes to throw his weight around. Dexter has missed some mile stones and needs a lot of work he is house trained but that is where it ends we are working on leash training and basic commands now. Dexter will make a grate family dog he needs a lot of training but he is definitely willing to learn. If you have and questions about Dexter pleas feel free to email me at 

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