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Tala 4670

Tala could easily be the next Agility Trials superstar.  She runs circles around my big males, bobs and weaves like a boxing champ, and can turn and stop on a dime.  Her athletic frame is enclosed by two long ears and four long legs.

She is super happy, always wagging her tail, and she has the most energetic looking eyes a dog could have.  Tala is an Alpha female, but was very smart to give Sammy plenty of room and respect during her first week at my house.  Once Sammy chilled with the showing of the teeth and the low growls, they have become inseparable.  She runs just slow enough so Sammy catch up then turns on the burners.  Their nightly wrestling matches before bedtime are so entertaining to watch.   

Tala has bonded nicely with me.  Every night before when I lie down for bed, she jumps up and starts licking me (she gets 10 seconds only now, cause she will keep going and going). We started leash training and heel training and she was doing awesome.  Unfortunately, I had an accident and had to stop with her training.  But, she will be able to heel, stay, and come with timely training.  

I've had Tala around adults a few times and she has let everyone pet her right away.  I've not had her with kids yet, but will soon.  I don't see that as an issue, but she is food territorial.  

Tala would make a great addition to a family or single person who has a substantial fenced in yard.  Ideally, being with a big male would be great for her; definitely no small pets.

Please contact me if your interested in adopting Tala

Chris   804-678-9967

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