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Sheba 4650

Spay date: 3/12/2021

Tentative availability date: 3/20/2021 (subject to change)

2/28/2021- It has been three weeks since the beautiful Miss Sheba has joined our household and she has settled nicely into our routine.  Sheba is a sweet girl looking for a home with an active lifestyle, a large yard to run and chase a ball, and possibly a dog friendly cat or two. She loves to do a full out run and seems quite fond of cats.  She hasn't been overly interested in other dogs - happy to say hi but more interested in people, a stick, or a ball.  I believe she would be fine with children since she is fine with cats and hasn't shown any tendency toward dominancy.  Overall, she is pretty quiet in the house except when she paces and whines because she wants to go outside to play and/or needs exercise.  She likes to be with her human  and will want you to go with her outside and will follow you from room to room.  She is great in her kennel and should have one in her new home. 


2/27/2021 - Sheba has settled in nicely in our home.  A lot less whining, just when she wants you to take her outside to play. She is getting along well with the cats. I uploaded a video showing two of the cats deciding Sheba's dog food was tastier than their dry food.  She just watches and looks at me as if to say, "Hey mom what's up with this - can you do something?" While she doesn't bother the cats too much - squirrels are a completely different story. She goes after them like crazy. Must be a dog thing. She still likes using her kennel but she has started sleeping on a dog bed every now and then. I take that to mean she is getting more relaxed.  She is getting better on her leash but can still use work. Her nose gets the better of her. Overall she is doing well.

2/16/2021 - Miss Sheba is starting to get comfortable in our home. Yesterday we went to the wild Bird Center and Lowes. While she wanted to get in the car to go, she was whiney. Not sure if nerves or excitement. At both stores she did fine. Not started by sounds, movements, or equipment. She did want to go up and say hi to people but we worked on that and she was much better by the time we left Lowes. I will say, she was ready to leave.  Took me right back to the car and jumped right in.  We went by a dog park, she stayed on leash, to see how she would be with other dogs. There was a Shepherd and a Malinois there doing training. Both came up to her and there were no issues. They sniffed and walked away.  She was a little nervous and retreated a bit but no aggression from her at all. On the way home she was whiney in the car again. Again I stopped at 7/11 and picked up a hotdog. Once in the car I ignored her and she settled down. Once quiet she got pieces of the hotdog over the ride home.  seemed to be the trick. We have been working on fetch and she has finally accepted a tennis ball.  So a "chuckit" toy or similar is VERY helpful in getting her tired.  She can still easily go 30 plus minutes but at least it helps get her tired faster.  I did ad a new video showing her running after the ball in the yard. check it out.  She has also gotten better with the cats in the house and if she is chasing a ball, she will completely ignore the cats. even if they are running across right in front of her.  

2/11/2021 - Miss Sheba did great at her vet visit although a little nervous. Who can blame her - I don't like doctor visits and shots either.  She was a little whiney in the car but that's not surprising since car rides tend to mean big, unknown changes for her. She received her initial round of vaccines and has a spay date of March 12th. So it looks as though her soonest availability for adoption will be around March 20th, assuming no surprises/complications between now and then. On the way home we stopped at 7/11 for a hotdog. She'd got a little piece each time she quieted down. By the end of the ride she was much calmer. We'll keep working on her and car rides. Once the weather gets a bit nicer I will see about getting some more pictures of her.  As time goes on, and her personality starts coming out, I'll keep the personality traits updated so please keep an eye on them. 

2/7/2021 - Meet the beautiful Miss Sheba. Sheba just joined our household yesterday and is working on figuring everything out. She has had a lot of changes the last few months.  Her original owner passed away and the son inherited her. Unfortunately, he works very long hours and couldn't give her the attention she needed. He didn't want to give her away but he placed her needs first and so we are hoping to find her a great forever home where she will get tons attention and love - and yes, we hope that for all our dogs!

Miss Sheba has been shy/hesitant around our other three dogs but absolutely no signs of aggression; she just doesn't know where she fits in the pack yet.  She is interested in the cats but not in a "ah, there is lunch" type way. For now I say she has good potential with cats, but more to come on that over the next couple weeks. 

She understands sit, down, and no but she considers it before complying and doesn't hold it for very long. She is treat driven so that will help with training. LOL She does pretty well on the leash just be prepared that her nose is always, yes always, to the ground. Her favorite pastimes: Sniffing everything and running like a banshee.  She might be good if anyone is interested in doing some form of scent work. She just turned 3, but she seems more like a 1 year old - all energy and loves being outside but she wants her human around. She is always checking things out and will whine when she thinks she isn't getting enough outside time.  She will run after a ball but hasn't decided she should bring it back.  Hopefully we can work on that - although I am getting more exercise!  She is very thin and needs to put on some weight and muscle.  This is just day one, I'll report more once she starts settling in - will likely take a couple weeks.  No idea about kids yet as we don't have any in the house.   She heads to the vet on Thursday (2/11/21) and she hasn't been spayed so we'll be setting that up too. 


$$$ - She'll need health tests, vaccines, a spay and of course plenty of good food to add some weight and muscle.  Any and all contributions would be greatly appreciated. Every $$$ helps VGSR to continue to save and care for these wonderful pups! Click "Donate" i f you would like to help.


For those who are interested, you  MUST  go through the adoption process and become an approved adopter BEFORE being considered. The adoption process and application can be found at Adoption Application.   I f you are interested in our beautiful girl AND you are an approved adopter, you can email me at

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