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Scout 4601

[10/5/2020] Scout is a stunning looking 6-year old male from California. He was left behind when his owner evacuated from the fires, and he is now with us. When he arrived at the rescue, he was quite filthy with matted fur. With some TLC, he is looking much better!    

Due to all the recent changes he has been through, he is a bit unsure of new surroundings and people. He needs an experienced adopter who allows him the time and space he needs to become comfortable with his new environment and routine. Once he feels close to you, he would show his goofy, affectionate side, follow you everywhere and allow you to handle him all over. He appreciates his people to be a strong leader, providing a sense of security and consistency so that he can build his confidence as he starts his new life on the East Coast.    

He knows basic commands and walks very nicely on a leash. He learns house rules quickly and is house-broken / crate-trained. He lived with other dogs in his previous home, however, he has exhibited reactive tendencies towards other dogs while on a leash. He will blossom best in a quiet, low key home. He will slowly but surely become your BFF.     

[10/22/2020]  Scout has been with the current foster for a month, and he gradually but surely started to understand and enjoy the routine. He would wait right by the door before his 8:10am morning walk, and he would give you a look if you are late. He would wait in front of the crate before his bedtime. He has learned to be a 90 lbs lapdog. He still requires his personal space to be respected. He probably won't be a social butterfly or dog park kinda guy, but we know he will make his person feel very special. We also learned from a recent vet visit that he has an eye condition called pannus (Chronic Superficial Keratitis). He seems to be able to see pretty well, and his eyes look better with eye drops. The rescue also bought him a pair of cool sunglasses to protect his eyes from the sun. He is looking for an experienced adopter who will not only work through his quirks but also monitor his eye condition and ensure a diligent use of his sunglasses. 

If you are an approved adopter and interested in Scout, please contact his foster at     

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