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10/9/2020- Sarge is a 2-3 year old GSD rescued from a shelter in West Virginia. To our knowledge, he has spent most of his life on a chain and has not had much exposure to the world. We've had him about a month now and he's been a wonderful addition. He loves snuggling up in bed with us and will give you as many kisses as you ask for. He has had training at some point in his life, as he knows come, sit, shake and down. We've been working on stay and he's very intelligent boy who lives to please. He is high energy and is constantly on the go, he loves running on the farm chasing after the side by side, and playing fetch. He has been around cats, cows, and horses and leaves them be unless they enter his space and then he is defensive. He will chase a cat if it runs. He isn't crazy about water, but will get in. We've taken him to restaurants and breweries and hiking and is respectful of a prong collar and keeps to his people. He will allow strangers to say hi and give him some lovings when respectfully approached, but otherwise is aloof to new people and likes to stick to his person(s). He does well on a flat collar but can be pushy so I have always worked with him in a prong and he needs little correction. 

Sarge does have some triggers. I believe he would do best in an only dog home. He plays with my two dogs great, but every once in a while a flip switches and he's not playing around anymore. No injuries have occurred but I believe he gets overstimulated and hits the fight instinct. He would NOT do well with small children- he is playful with us and gets nippy. He rides well in the car, but if a stranger approaches he is NOT friendly, you cannot leave windows cracked if the car is unattended. This is more directed at strange men approaching- with strange woman he is wary but quiet.

Sarge's ideal home is as the only dog with a single person or couple with none or teenage kids, he is highly active and wants to please and would do well with a job, such as dog trials or agility. He would highly excel with continued training and structure. He is a counter thief/garbage hunter and needs to be crated when not supervised. He is high food drive and will do anything for a cookie! He does well in the crate and will hang out there snoozing on his own with the door open when we're home. He loves a good bone to chew on and a nice tennis ball to play endless hours of fetch (and possible keep away) with! He is a huge goofball with a large personality, but also resonates with a "bull in a china shop" and is a bit of a wrecking ball. He is definitely a dog that needs an owner with prior GSD experience. He did test lyme positive but has gone through treatment- he will need retesting in a year. Current on vaccinations, heartworm and flea/tick prevention.

If interested in adopting, please contact his foster at 

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