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Ayla 5495

Introducing super girl! Ayla is a 9 month old pup that has it all...beauty, brains and personality! Ayla is super smart. She knows how to sit, give her paw, she knows down but sometimes gets distracted with her puppy energy and excitement! She is strong on a leash but walks beautifully with the proper training collar. Ayla is eager to learn and is food motivated. She is very in tune to direction and picks up on things very quickly. Ayla is pretty well potty trained. On occasion she can get overly excited and urinate in the floor. Ayla is having a difficult time with crate training, she does not go into her crate easily and will bark and whine consistently...we are working to improve this! Ayla is very active. She loves to chase balls in the yard. She absolutely loves toys...all toys. Ropes, balls, bones. You name it, she likes it. She really likes her human to engage her and will drop her toys on your lap so that you can toss it to her. Ayla can also be quite mouthy. We are working on correction and redirection with this behavior. Ayla is a big girl who doesn't know her size. Due to her mouthiness and tendency to play rough she will not be adopted to anyone with children under 13. Ayla is a strong willed girl who will need a strong leader to help set boundaries for her, if not she will gladly assume the leadership role.  Ayla has been good with other dogs, however, she can be a bit rough and tends to nip and pester other dogs. She would do best with larger dogs and is not recommended as a playmate for a small dog. Ayla is not a fan of kitties! Ayla is an amazing girl! If you think that Ayla sounds like the perfect girl for you and you are an approved adopter, please email her foster parents at gsd2020k9@gmail.com 

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