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Cookie 5489

12/15/19 Cookie is a very nice Senior Lady. She was an owner surrender as her previous owner had to be hospitalized and could no longer care for her. VGSR stepped up and saved her life as she was one day away from being euthanized at the shelter that she was being held in.   
Cookie has gone from being accustomed to being an only girl to becoming one of the pack fitting in nicely with the rest of my guys. She takes her treats very gently and she loves bring a couch potato.
Cookie is a very active girl and does not act her age in the least.
Cookie needs to lose about 7 more pounds to be at her ideal weight of 70 lbs. We are presently on a weight reduction plan of long walks and dog food only. She has already dropped 7 pounds and is looking quite slim and trim already.
She will make a great pet for someone who is looking for a Senior lady that will be a joy to own.

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