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Scrapper 4536

1/9/2020  Well,  we've had Scrapper, or as we call him Trapper, for a couple of months now and have gotten to know more about him.  He is what is called a 'Blue German Shepherd'.  His fur is a dark blue/gray, especially in the sun.  I looked it up and it  is such a thing. He's attached to my husband more so than me, but listens to me just fine.  He's got good house manners.  Doesn't beg or get on the furniture. (Not that he wouldn't like to snuggle up on the couch.)

Scrapper/Trapper is smart and very trainable.  He probably would have made a great service dog, he's that smart.  There is a favorite toy that he always remembers where he left it.  He would love to be in a home where he has someone to play with or to just hang out.

11/11/19  Meet Scrapper, a super sweet boy.  He came to us with some health questions that have been put to rest.  This loving boy is in great shape and looking for his furever home.  Scrapper is full of love for all people and dogs of all sizes.  He enjoys walks in our neighborhood, belly rubs and appreciates a good nap.  He is very strong and has been known to pull on a leash when he sees other dogs.  He thinks deer are something to woof at, but not chase.  He does have a strong nose which he’ll use to lift your arm when he wants attention.  There have been no accidents in our home.  When in the car he’ll pant with eagerness as to where we’re going.  He’s OK in the crate when we’re out and very glad when we’re back to let him out.

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