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1/22/2020 Missouri has now been spayed and is recovering nicely at a sleek 78 pounds.

7/6/19  Missouri is down to 87 pounds as of Saturday 7/6/19. Only  7 more pounds to go.

4/30/19  As of this morning, Missouri is now down to 92.5 pounds. 12.5 pounds away from the Vet’s goal to have her Neutered / Spayed.

1/30/19   Missouri is down to 102 lbs at her weigh in today. She has 20 more lbs to lose before she will be scheduled for her Spay. Meanwhile, she is doing great and is a wonderful Foster Girl.

1/7/19 Missouri was an owner surrender because one of the family members became disabled and they could not afford to keep her and several other GSD's.

At this time she is not available for adoption because she can not be spayed until she gets closer to her ideal weight of 80 - 85 lbs.  In her previous home she weighed 145 lbs on April 5, 2018. When I picked her up in late November she was down to 128 lbs. She is now at 110 lbs. She needs to lose 25-30 more pounds before she can be spayed and be available for Adoption.
Missouri is a very sweet and loving girl. She has a beautiful coat of grey sable. She gets along very well with the other 5 GSD's in my home. (3 Males and 2 Females.) She is great on leash, listens well and obeys commands when given. She is not food aggressive and takes her treats very gently. Missouri loves to give kisses and loves being groomed and brushed.
Missouri is presently on a low cal food and is getting 5 long walks a day to help her continue her weight loss.

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