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Hi!  I'm Geronimo.  My foster mom says I am a bit of a velcro dog and definitely a boy who loves human attention.  She also says I'm not one of those "no off switch" dogs - I love a rousing game of tennis ball and playing with my foster brother.  But once I've played, I'm perfectly content for some belly rubs and a nap.

Geronimo's foster mom, here.  Geronimo is a moderately active 5 year old GSD who was returned to VGSR due to changes in the family dynamics.  He is a wonderful boy in the house - he shows no destructive behaviors, is fully housebroken, does well on a leash, and does well in the car.  And he will bark a warning if he hears something, but is not overly noisy.  He just rolls with life.  He is a tennis ball fiend, so keep them well stocked.  He is also very much a love bug, and will bond with his humans quickly.  

Geronimo would not be good with cats.  He also would not be good with younger children - he seems somewhat nervous with babies crying.  He isn't aggressive around children, but he obviously prefers adult companionship.  He also would be good with another playmate (but not one who is too assertive) or as an only dog.  And he would love a yard or play area to play fetch.

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