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1/20/2020 Ranger, as you can see, is an absolutely beautiful 8 yo GSD. Ranger was adopted out to a wonderful home 3 years ago, but it just wasn't the right fit. I've had Ranger for about a month and I have to say that he is got to be one of the most affectionate GSDs that I have ever met. He wants to be by my side 24/7. As sweet as Ranger is, he does have some issues. First and Foremost he has gotten into it with my 13 Yo Malinois who is very dominating. So I would like him to go to a home where he will be the only dog. Ranger is in wonderful health and loves to play. Ranger has been really good with people that he's met. He's very obedient and knows basic commands. He's also been wonderful in the house. He's never had an accident. I think that Ranger needs to go to a family with older children.
If you would like to learn more about him please feel free to reach out to me at madeluca5@yahoo.com. 

1/3/17  Ranger is a recently neutered 5-year old male. He is very alert, highly intelligent, enthusiastic, and extremely eager to please.  He knows several basic commands and learns quickly. Ranger is nicely socialized. He is good with kids, dogs, and horses; cats are an unknown although he tends to ignore them on the street. Ranger does not appear to have an aggressive bone in his body, has no “resource guarding” instincts, and only barks discriminately at suspect intruders.  Ranger has a lot of energy but walks well on his leash with his choke collar. He enjoys car rides and likes to travel. Ranger is crate trained, but is fully house broken and can easily be trusted alone in the home; he knows what is his and what is not.  Ranger has been weaned off “people food”; he now eats regularly and well and does not annoy others when food is present.  Ranger is good at indicating legitimate needs such as when it’s time to go out.  He is a very sweet dog who enjoys affection, but does not demand it. He is playful, but respectful of his surroundings and play fellows.  He is sensitive to, and capable of developing a strong bond with, his masters.

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