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Contact Luke 4557's Caretaker/Foster Directly: Grant (

About Luke 4557

  • Status: Adopted!
  • Adoption Fee: 300.00
  • Species: Dog
  • General Color: Black with Tan, Yellow or Fawn
  • Current Size: 84
  • Current Age: 3 Years 3 Months (best estimate)
  • Microchipped: Yes
  • Fence Required: Yes(6 foot)
  • Housetrained: Yes
  • Obedience Training Needed: Has Basic Training
  • Exercise Needs: Moderate
  • Owner Experience Needed: Breed

Hi! My name is Luke. I'm pretty much a big baby. I just came from a shelter on 6/10/2020. Nobody knew my name 'cause they say I was a stray. If that means out running around, that was me! I got to come home with my foster dad that day.

I like being around him, but don't need to be. I might lay down beside him or in the living room, or on that one tile floor that's really cool. I'm a bit indifferent to people. I'm a friendly enough guy, but I don't have to meet everybody and drool all over them. I'm just as likely to walk by with a brief sniff. I really like when people pet me though, so if you stop to pet me, I'll be happy to wait. 

I'm pretty chill with most everything. Foster dad can pet me while I'm eating and I'm learning fast! I already knew "sit" and "come". Dad's teaching me to wait at the door and got that about 50% already! I did like to jump up, but dad said that's rude, so I'm working on that.

Did I mention I like belly rubs?

Luke's 6/26/2020 Update: Geeez, these foster folks are serious. Medicine, something called a newtor??? NOW I have this 'cone of silence' thing 'round my neck for 7 more days. Doc said mine was a tough case. Sigh. I keep running into stuff. VERY confusing. But trying to be a good pup regardless!

Luke's foster dad here. 6/13/2020 Luke hasn't met any children yet. He's met other dogs and so far is playful. He's a really sweet guy and really smart! He chills in the house pretty well and isn't demanding for attention. Not food aggressive. Even pretty much ignores human food and a "OFF" with conviction corrects him immediately. He likes walks and would probably love a fenced yard where he can run. Not heal-trained yet, but we'll work on that. It's only day three. He's doing great. Oh, very quiet also. He's only barked once when I introduced him to the cows next door. Wanted to play I think. The cows weren't impressed.

Today 6/14/2020 I found out Luke likes to be "with you"- sort of. I went out to string trim the yard and he took out two sets of pull-down blinds trying to get outside with me. If I go outside, if I go downstairs, he wants to be there, Yet, I sat down to eat lunch and he went to lay down in another room. Go figure.

Update 6/17/2020: Luke doesn't like to be alone. A bit of separation anxiety. Working on that, but a home where the owner will be around to work on this will be a great choice. He goes in his crate easily, but gets anxious when he realizes you're not in the home.

Update 6/18/2020: I LOVE Martingale style collars and got Luke's on yesterday. He is so easily corrected on a lead. We live very rural, so a lot of walking mowed fence lines, etc. Normally here, I let him have his head. While is out at the end of the lead, he's not a hard puller and corrects on a tug. When we get on the paved lane I pull the lead back and he walks right at my side.

Update 6/19/2020: Luke met another male (foster) GSD tonight and there was a lot of growling and lurching at each other. Potential adopters; goes without saying that we HAVE to have any/all pets and any/all family at any meet and greet.

Update 6/26/2020: Luke's doing well. Another 6 or 7 (7/3/2020) days before his neuter cone comes off, so had to push out the adoption date a week. He's really sweet during all this, but the cone confuses him!

Update 6/29/2020: Luke is doing great after surgery. However, a behavior to let you know about: Three times now Luke has growled at a woman friend. First time was pick up at the pound (VGSR Volunteer) and we kinda chalked that up to "all things new". The other two times was with a close friend at my house. One night we were trying to get him to play with a rope tug toy. A bit more loud this time. Then again last night, my friend been at my house for several hours, loved on him, and he was so excited to see her when she arrived. Then just standing in the kitchen, he just growled at her twice. Not menacing, no attempt to move towards them, but there's something there and a potential adopter should know.

Update 7/3/2020: Luke has met a few more women and seems there's some history there. He just met my neighbor's wife. Just walked up to her and no issues. She's a farmer, so used to all kinds of animals. After a minute, Luke did the light growl as above, but again, almost like he doesn't know why. She reached back to pet him again anyhow. He let her without any problem. I think its going to be a trust thing over time and just learning whatever happened 'back when' isn't what his world will be. Also wanted to get into the truck with the UPS guy and on the zero-turn mower when the lawn guy stopped to pet him. Friendly guy.

Approved adopters may contact Luke's foster dad at

More about Luke 4557

Good with Adults, Quiet, Does Good in the Car, Requires a yard, Leashtrained, Cratetrained, Likes to play with toys, Obedient, Playful, Independent, Eager To Please, Intelligent, Even-tempered, Gentle

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